The foundations of a successful partnership: How do you choose the ideal partner in the world of trade.

Partnership in the business world is a valid and considered idea for many reasons, as the partner supports the establishment and growth of the project, and relying on one person and one mind to build the project is a matter in which there are some risks, especially if the project is large, so the minds in the business world are as if they are torches in the dark nights. The torches increased, the visibility became clearer, and it may also bring with it a feeling of comfort and warmth. This feeling is the reassurance of the safety of decisions and a sense of security in the partners. It is not like someone who travels the journey alone, like a companion.

I saw many projects collapsing in front of me because of the partners, and I myself went through failed partnership experiences. And most of the impression made by those going through this experience is to warn against the idea of ​​partnership and the desire to build a business unilaterally, and I find me very understanding of this impression, especially if it stems from a bitter experience, perhaps it was not without lawsuits, but it is in fact a false impression. , Because the error is not in the partnership as a principle, but in the method of choosing the partners.

Here I list some factors that must be taken into account when choosing a partner, and they are based on my personal experience. In addition to what I heard from individuals who went through the experience of partnership and succeeded or failed in it. They should not be viewed as objective scientific and analytical criteria, but rather are rules based on experience and subjective conclusion, and it should be noted that the presence of one factor in a potential partner from the factors below does not mean in any way that he is the right person. Partnership is more qualified for success,

The first important factor in choosing a partner is harmony, and harmony is understanding and sharing of ambition, goals, methods, management and envisioning the future, and it can be described as a smooth, hassle-free interaction when trying to solve a problem, big or small. And here is a trap, and also a big trap. Most of the people that we get along with are our friends, but this does not at all mean that they are the best people you will choose for the partnership, as they may be the worst of all. And trade may spoil in a year that friendship has built in years.

And one of the important factors that must be looked for in a future partner is professional strength and scientific experience, by having skills and experiences more and greater than those that we possess, so that he helps with his strength to develop the work and its success. And this factor was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an (It is better to hire the strong and honest), and trust is a necessary requirement, and the previous verse referred to it. A person who does not have an honest record in dealings is never a good choice in partnership, just as the person whose morals revolve around question marks, a person who should be removed from dealing with him, let alone his participation.

It is important for the partner to have a reasonable ability to communicate, so I see ignoring the response to communications and messages as a negative sign in the future partner.

Among the important advantages that should be looked for in a partner are the capacity of his relationships and his good reputation. Wide and beneficial relations and a good reputation are two wonderful advantages and are required in the world of trade, and they may open many doors for business development, sales expansion and increased revenues.

The issue of “commitment of the partner” should be put on the table and clarified when discussing the partnership. What level of commitment is required of him to provide? Does he have the ability to commit to work? Does he have the same passion that others do? Or does he have other obligations and concerns? Commitment is important stems from the size of expectations from the partner and the degree of his participation in the project, with money or work.Commitment is important because it answers our question: Can we rely on the partner or not? And from personal experiences, I advise after paying attention to any partner who is not wise in managing his money. For a person who is constantly falling into financial problems and distress in his private life, it is not advisable to rely on him to manage people’s money, and it is not advisable to ever think of partners who have many personal problems in their private lives.

This is a set of factors in choosing business partners, which I see as the most important and prominent based on what I have experienced and heard. Partnership is something that should be taken seriously. No matter how accurate and strict the writing of commercial contracts is, it does not mean anything if the partner is bad, so the bad partner is a demolition pod, not a construction worker. Finally, in your project ,, only those who share the same passion with you, respect your opinion and trust your abilities, otherwise you are losing your time and wasting your money! In your project, do not look for a partner who only financially supports you, but also search for the ideal partner! Its most important features:

Supplements your missing skills.
The owner of administrative acumen and vision.
He is positive in his thinking and always motivated to you.
He has extensive working relationships.
Has good financial ability.
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