The Art of Making a Simple and Modern CV

In this article, you will advices on how to write a modern CV in order to stand out from other candidates. You will find the best tips for creating effective headings and layout. To show the recruiter that you are the best fit for the vacancy, you need to submit a modern curriculum vitae. Make it simple and clear by following these tips and tricks.

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What Is a Modern CV?

With the digital revolution, the online CV has replaced the traditional paper CV. All the tools at your disposal allow you to be creative and efficient if you make a cv online. The modern resume is clear and airy. Sometimes it includes a few colors, especially when applying in communication and graphic sectors. You do not have to be a graphic designer to make a beautiful, modern CV. For this purpose, just find a quality online CV create that proposes simple and attractive templates. You can then choose one that matches your business area, the position sought as well as your personality.

Take Care of the CV Layout

There are different modern resume layouts, especially if you choose to make your CV online. It can very simple, airy, understated or lightly colorful. Whatever your goal and profile, you can find inspiration on the internet. Just take time to find the perfect CV example for you. Unless you are targeting a job that requires graphic skills and a lot of creativity, opt for a simple design.

How about the CV Content?

On a modern curriculum vitae, you can find important sections such as the contact details. In this part, you will put your first name, your last name, your postal address, your mail address and your phone number. It allows the recruiter to contact you if they want to meet you for an interview. Also indicate your main skills at the top and not at the end of the document as is traditionally done. If the modern CV is shaking up habits, it is because, according to a study, recruiters spend less than a minute on it.

Present your professional experiences in a creative way, from the most recent to the oldest ones. Describe your missions and the responsibilities you had. Make sentences and think about what you have achieved. The results (management of a project, launching a blog and setting up a digital communication strategy) create more impact than the positions. In this section, you must indicate all the training you have taken. You can also add internships, especially if you are a recent graduate.

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