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Oh No They Didn’t, or commonly abbreviated Oh No They Didn’t… is the second largest blogging community on LiveJournal with around 100,000 active members. The community shares many of its tips and tricks for keeping the fun in the pictures and on the comments section of their blogs, as well as a place to share photos and stories from their travels. One of the most popular blogs on Oh No They Didn’t is OnTD. This blog is devoted to sharing the comforts and joys of life in San Diego, California, with those from all walks of life. Many of the posts focus on events that happen within the community as well, whether they be local or celebrity related.

Another member of the ontd family is LiveJournal Star, which has been on Live Journal for eleven years and has recently branched off into its own site. It is one of the most popular areas on livejournal with over a million members. The Star gossip blog is filled with celebrity gossip from around the world and San Diego’s own Carla Gudakunst. The blog is also geared towards young children, offering them things to read and learn about from their favorite celebrities as well as classic book recommendations. Carla’s love of dogs is apparent in her blog and on her site, where she shares tips on how to keep dogs happy and healthy.

While some of the tips on Oh No They Didn’t may seem a little far fetched, like for instance telling Carla you should fill your bathtub with bubble bath, there are some practical tips on the site that really do apply to everyday living. For example, it seems as though Carla would rather not fill the tub with a relaxing Epsom salt solution as opposed to bubble bath. If you are an avid bath and body spa user, then perhaps you can use this information to set you apart from the masses.

For those who aren’t on the hunt for a little bit of romance, there is also the livejournal site for you. Members of Oh No They Didn’t! have a section dedicated to their favorite hobbies. What could be more fun than curling up with a good book, drinking wine and watching a movie? Whether it be romance novels or action/adventures, the options are endless. The site is run by Carla Gudakunst and offers regular updates, features, special events and links to any articles she wants to share with its 100,000 members and visitors.

There was a time when Carla was the editor-in-chief of this popular online fashion blog, OnTD. She and her co-workers took turns hosting the blog from home. Oh No They Didn’t! was our first ever submission and the editors really went the extra mile in terms of offering unique articles and entertaining the reader.

Oh No They Didn’t! has been featured on numerous television networks including Comedy Centrals, The Daily Show, The Late Show, The Howard Stern Show and has even been given several awards including Best Website in 2007 by Digital magazines. There really seems as if Oh No They Didn’t! will be around for a long time to come. If you’re a fan of Carla Gudakunst and her work, you’re going to love this site. If you haven’t checked out Oh No They Didn’t! livejournal, then you have a very entertaining read.

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What is ONTD all about ? (Oh, No They Didn’t)


Oh, No They Didn‘t, and also called ONTD, is the second largest online community on LiveJournal having more than 100,000 registered members. The community mostly focuses on pop culture and celebrity gossip with most of its articles syndicated from similar gossip blogs around the world. In a way, the site is like the ultimate place to escape and have fun from your every day life. But it’s not just about the gossip. You will also find great tips and advice on virtually any topic you could ever possibly imagine. In fact, there are even sections dedicated to helping you lose weight, curing acne, learning the art of conversational hypnosis, finding love, finding employment, etc.


Many people use ONTD to stay connected with others who live near them, but it’s also used as a forum for celebrity gossip. OnTD is a very active community that thrives on celebrity gossip. On TD, users can find celebrity gossip in their area by searching for words such as, “Wiz Khalifa,” “Robbie Williams’ new romance,” “Ethan Rayfield’s new CD,” “Alicia Keys’ engagement ring” and “Jared Leto’s first solo album.” Other popular topics include the music of female artists like Britney Spears and Pinkie Minogue as well as movies and books.

On TD, users can rate comments made on articles they’ve read, vote in polls, and post questions to the community moderators. Unlike MySpace and other social networking sites, users aren’t required to register as a member before joining on TD. Registered users can simply start chatting and interacting with each other. The community moderators monitor comments made in order to remove offensive comments and remarks that break the site’s terms of service.

On TD, users can read about celebrity gossip from the pages of a daily newspaper in their city, or from a celebrity gossip website hosted on TD. Popular celebrity gossip sites include In Touch Mag and Us magazines. Some news stories listed on the TD website include celebrity gossip from Hollywood insiders and entertainment news from Australia and beyond.

Many celebrities have their own websites, including Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Motherhood Maternity and Willow Shields. OnTD offers readers a chance to follow their favorite celebrities through an interactive news blog. The comments section of the blog is interactive and allows readers to comment on news articles, post links to articles, and share stories with other visitors. Some celebrities whose videos are featured on OnTD include Katy Perry, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey, Leighton Meester, Victoria Beckham, Amy Grant, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Freida Pinto and Nicole Richie.

OnTD also features a Twitter feed, which gives readers the chance to see what is posted regarding their favorite celebrities. By clicking on the “Feed” icon in the upper right corner of the OnTD home page, readers can select which tweets they would like to follow. Tweets from other readers can be added to the feed for future updates. To view the live tweets, a person must log in using their Twitter account. The latest news on Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and other celebrities can be found at any time through the OnTD homepage and their associated blog network.


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