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Search for buid a bear near me on the web and the first name you hear is Fayette Mall it is located in the heart of Lexington. Create your very own stuffed bears at this popular specialty store, and stocking various toy merchandise & gift items. From fashion dolls to playing blocks, these kids’ boutiques are fun for the whole family!

The Fayette Mall has several fun things for children to do. Amongst the fun activities is the “Band Theme”, which involves the KY Bulldogs playing at halftime in a 10-minute rock and roll jam! The other main event is a “Musical Chairs” game, where participants can try to swing and toss their way to victory. In addition, there is also a “Spinning Popcorn” game for kids that really gets them going. There are also balloon toss and indoor kiddie obstacle courses, so all the kids will have fun.

Shopping is definitely not the only thing that children can enjoy at the Fayette Mall. It’s also conveniently located close to a large number of restaurants & hotels. If you happen to visit the mall when it is held at its grand opening, you will be treated to free admission to the grand opening concert of KY’s favorite band, The Yardbirds. You might want to try shopping around the mall on your way home from the concert, as the food and shopping centers nearby are topnotch.

The Fayette Mall is not all about fun and games, however! Adults will also find the place fun and filled with knowledge. There are several exhibits, including an assortment of artworks all over the floor. If you are a history buff, this is definitely the place for you.

If you are looking for a good place to relax and have some “me time”, the Fayette Mall is the perfect place for you! There are numerous shops selling unique items, and there is even a spa center for you to indulge in. You can read your favourite books here or just enjoy a manicure and pedicure. It doesn’t matter! The Fayette Mall is the perfect place for you to unwind and feel good about yourself, while making memories!

As a family unit, you will be kept busy by the children here. They will love to have their favourite toys here, and you will feel like playing the part of the big kid here. Even your pet will find this place fun, as there are dog parks to play in here. And if you have small children, they will never get bored playing at these fun areas. So, if you are still wondering where you can go to for a cool and exciting family holiday, think about the Fayette Kentucky area, and all that it has to offer!

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