What is Kung Fu Tea ?

kung fu tea

One of the most popular drinks in China is kung fu tea. It is a traditional Chinese tea with a unique flavor and a long history. There is a lot of mythology associated with this beverage. The legend says that kung fu tea was created by a green monkey (most likely a Macaca). Legend says that the monkey was upset because he was not given enough water on his birthday so he decided to make his tea.

Today, the majority of tea drinkers in China know kung fu tea as oolong tea. This is a black tea that has an earthy taste. Oolong tea is somewhere between dark and light. When the leaves are fully grown, they have a dark color and tend to be very thin. You won’t find too many green leaves in it. That is what gives the tea its lovely dark color.

The black tea leaves are handpicked and sun-wilted. They are then taken to the east where the monkeys live. The tea leaves are handed over to the green monkey who uses them to create delicious black tea. The tea is then taken back to the west. Many years later, the Chinese learned about the legend and today the tea is not only served to mourn the passing of a green monkey, but to celebrate a wide range of things, including birthdays and anniversaries.

Today there is a vast variety of different kung fu tea. Some of the more traditional forms including tea and tuo tea. These are all green teas and are slightly aged. Tuo is a red wine tea that is often served as a dessert after dinner. The variety of herbs and spices used in a traditional form of kung fu tea makes them excellent to drink at any time.

Today the tea has been adopted by Americans. Many people enjoy the exotic flavor of this exotic tea. It is served in a variety of different ways, such as with ice cream or ice water, in sandwiches, on cakes, or for a snack. Tea drinkers also often decorate their tea cups and saucers with the leaves of the green monkey.

Today, the tea is available for everyday consumption and is offered in many restaurants and catering services. For those that would like to experience the exotic flavors of this kung fu tea there are specialized stores that specialize in it. It can be found in most Asian food markets and department stores. It can even be found in the fine department stores and some of the health food stores in the U.S. As you can see, the green monkey kung fu tea is a big hit and one that is enjoyed by many.

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This is what we know about the Indian strain of coronavirus

India, is witnessing a sharp increase in the number of covid cases, the total death tool their has surpassed 250 thousand in numbers ,and is witnessing daily cases of more then 400 thousand , this is one of the largest daily figures in the world since the beginning of the epidemic.

India is witnessing a sharp increase in infections with the emerging corona virus “Covid-19”, and a new strain of the virus is increasing, so what is it? How does it affect infection and the effectiveness of vaccinations? The answers are here, with details on mutations that appear in the Coronavirus.

What is the name of the new breed?

The name of the new strain is “B1617”, according to a report on The Conversation. It is also known as the Indian coronavirus variant, according to several news sites.
And the strain – also known as “variant” – is a version of the virus that includes a group of mutations, which means that every mutated strain includes a set of mutations.
A mutation is a change in the arrangement of the genetic material in the virus, and some of these mutations may not leave a trace in the virus, but some of them may affect its ability to transmit and infection.

And there were previous mutations recorded for the Corona virus, including the English, Brazilian and South African strains.

Is this mutation more contagious?

It is believed that this mutation may be able to spread more easily than previous forms of the virus. This is due to a mutation it bears called “L452R” (L452R) that affects the spike protein “spike” of the virus, which is the “key” that the virus uses to enter the body’s cells.
The mutation that was discovered in California called “B1427” (B1427) contains the same “L452R” (L452R) mutation and it is estimated that it is about 20% more transmissible than the previous form of the Corona virus that was spreading during the first wave.

Is it more dangerous?

Mutations such as L452R (L452R) that help link do not necessarily lead to more severe disease or make the Corona virus more deadly. For example, a mutation discovered in California B1427 (B1427) appears to spread more easily, and preliminary research has not found that it is associated with more severe infections or higher viral loads.

The same could be true of the B1617 mutation in India, although this still needs to be investigated.

But a particular concern is the effect a mutation might have on the effectiveness of the vaccine. The vast majority of vaccines developed against Coronavirus depend on targeting the spike protein. Since the protein is on the outside of the virus, this is what your immune system often “sees” during infection, and thus makes effective antibodies against it. If the mutations change the shape of the spike protein, these antibodies may become less effective.

In fact, preliminary studies indicate that the L452R mutation can help the virus evade the immune system. Furthermore, B1617 carries a second mutation, called E484Q (E484Q) that also changes the spike protein. Research indicates that similar mutations (affecting the same region of the spiky protein) may make the virus less susceptible to pre-existing antibodies.

Is India’s high casualties linked to this mutation?

According to officials in India, the country’s high number of cases is not related to these mutations, as B1617 mutations have not been detected in large enough numbers to determine whether they are directly responsible.

However, this may be due to a lack of data, and several experts have stressed the importance of increasing the virus sequence to obtain a better picture.

In a televised speech on Tuesday evening, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked his citizens to make more efforts in confronting Corona in order to avoid new isolation measures during a serious health crisis linked to a second wave of the epidemic.

Modi stressed in his first speech since the surge in infections that India – which has a population of 1.3 billion people – is fighting “a big battle again.” “The situation was under control a few weeks ago and the second wave came like a hurricane,” he said. Viral mutations … are minor mutations and great risks.

Like all viruses, the Corona virus (whose scientific name is SARS-Cove-2) is continuously mutating, and some random mutations allow it to spread further and resist the acquired immune systems and vaccines.

In a report published by the French newspaper “lefigaro”, the authors Solein Roy and Tristan Faye say that scientifically speaking, the virus is a genetic material protected by a lipid membrane.

With regard to the Corona virus, this membrane is covered with spicules made of 3 identical proteins that enable it to cling to human cells, and then merge the membranes so that the viral genetic material can penetrate the cell. As a result, the virus transforms the cell’s machinery to produce its own protein and replicate its cells.

However, this process of “reproduction” is not perfect, as a mistake regularly infiltrates the different copies, and most of the time the “variable” virus disappears as quickly as it first appeared, but it succeeds in reproducing and spreading among humans at times.

How do dangerous strains develop?

The authors show that this natural process allows the virus to evolve over time. Bruno Canard, director of research at the National Center for Scientific Research, who specializes in corona viruses, explains that “if the virus does not mutate, it is easy to eliminate it very quickly. Likewise, if it undergoes many mutations, it produces a very large number of incomplete and incomplete copies.” Able to reproduce and spread. “

Researchers estimate that the SARS-Cove-2 virus registers about two new mutations per month. Based on the original strain that was discovered in China, the virus formed during the last period an evolutionary tree that now contains thousands of branches, but only some of them pose a clear danger.

The English, Brazilian and South African strains have received worldwide attention among the rest of the strains. “These strains exceeded the evolutionary framework of the virus that has been observed so far,” explains Etienne Simon Laurier, a specialist in RNA viruses at the Pasteur Institute.

These strains are accompanied by dozens of new mutations, and although this is difficult to prove, the hypothesis that the virus replicates every time and for a long time is put forward for people who suffer from weak immunity to the point of accumulating all these mutations, before spreading around the world. In addition, it seems that some of these mutations give the virus the advantage of spreading very quickly, and have precedence over the rest of the strains, which is what happened with the English, Brazilian and South African strains.

A more contagious mutation

Scientists today are particularly concerned about mutations that can occur in the spike that centers on the surface of the virus. The spike is considered a weapon of the virus that enables it to penetrate human cells, and it is at the same time its weakness that scientists used to make vaccines, as antibodies in the immune system rush to attach to these spicules and prevent them from entering the cells.
The researchers fear two things, first the emergence of a mutation at the level of the spike that makes the virus more dangerous and more contagious, and secondly, that the immune system – which has already received the vaccine – does not recognize this mutation, and it becomes unable to provide the necessary protection for the body and the vaccination becomes ineffective.

For his part, the French researcher, Etienne Simon Laurier, explains that the more intense the spread of the virus, the more mutations continued, and the great danger that vaccines would not be effective in dealing with new random mutations, which means the continuation of the epidemic.

Causes of coughing in children and methods of treatment

Coughing in children

Coughing in children has several causes, and most of the time it is due to a cold, and it may be due to allergies. But children in general are exposed to many health problems due to an incomplete immune system in their physical structure, and the cough is mild or strong, depending on the condition the child suffers from. The cough usually distracts the mother and calls for her anxiety and fear, so she proposes her child to the doctor to see the appropriate treatment for the case. When a child suffers from a persistent cough for more than 3 weeks, this condition is permanent. Coughing is one of the most common symptoms that prompt parents to visit the doctor constantly.

Causes of coughing

Cough bother the patient a lot, but its role is inevitable, as it removes sputum and other things from the course and respiratory tract, and this is why its treatment is a little delicate when it is accompanied by sputum. Coughing stimulates the sinuses, ear canals, and respiratory tracts to be affected by the cough itself. The pain that accompanies the sufferer extends to more than the throat and sinuses.

With regard to persistent cough, the doctor listens well to the patient’s cough and performs a thorough physical examination as well as automated diagnosis, not only the normal and oral diagnosis, and the doctor may resort to conducting other laboratory tests that help determine the required treatment.

Children under the age of six find it difficult to get rid of phlegm and excrete it through the mouth, and the phlegm that is in color similar to the color of water, meaning it has no color or even is pale yellow, is a sign of asthma, while when the phlegm is yellow or green in color it is Evidence of infection. While phlegm mixed with a little blood indicates tuberculosis or even a disease that contributes to the expansion of the bronchial walls.

Home cough treatment

Lemon and honey

For a useful mixture that helps relieve coughing, a mixture of lemon juice can be prepared in the amount of half a grain, to which a teaspoon of honey is added to it and make the child take this mixture as lemon is a natural and rich source of vitamin C, which contributes to strengthening and supporting the child’s immune system as well as fighting the virus Whereas, honey contains support for the immune system and is anti-inflammatory.

Carrots and oranges

Carrots and oranges are an effective mixture, so after boiling carrots, it can be mixed with a little orange juice and presented to the child who suffers from a cough, and oranges and carrots contain important vitamins and natural nutrients that contribute to treating and relieving coughing, in addition to strengthening the immune system.


Add anise to the boiling water and then filter it to cool down a little, then add boiling water to it, and then add a little honey and provide the mixture to the patient to take it warm, as they calm the cough and reduce the severity of the cough.

Black seed

Black seed is known for its strength in supporting the immune system, and it is preferable to bowl a spoonful of it, add honey to it, and mix the mixture with milk or juice that the child eats.


Peppermint is boiled after adding it to a little boiling water, preferably fresh and not dry, then adding a spoonful of honey and then serving the child to take it as a delicious drink.

olive oil

Olive oil can be added to a little sugar and then ask the child to eat it, as it helps relieve coughing and softens the throat.

Known causes of coughing in children

Virus infections

The infection may be transmitted to the child, especially in the early years of his life, where he is highly susceptible to viral infection and becomes infected with a runny nose. The condition is often not accompanied by a high temperature and there is no need for treatment.

A diet to strengthen the immune system against corona … 7 indispensable nutrients

A diet to strengthen the immune system against corona

Immunity has a major role in recovering from the Corona virus, so attention to strengthening immunity is one of the necessary things in order to recover from the Corona virus, which has made many questions about diets that strengthen immunity, in this article we shed light on a diet to strengthen The immune system against Corona, and this system consists of about 7 very important nutrients, and this is what we are talking about through the next few lines.

The importance of strengthening the immune system in the face of the Corona virus

Many scientists have confirmed that the coronavirus – including the Corona virus – enters the body through the respiratory system, and thus it multiplies rapidly in the body, especially in the cells of the small intestine, which makes the immune system in real danger in a very large percentage, which makes us need the elements. Various food that help to strengthen this organ to be in great confrontation with the virus inside the body.

Therefore, the presence of damaged and irritated intestines with aggressive microbes and viruses reduces the immune system, which means the need to supply the body with nutrients that strengthen immunity, and this is according to many different studies, which we learn about through the next few lines.

7 nutrients to strengthen immunity to counter the risk of infection with the Coronavirus

Many nutrients can strengthen immunity through it, and through the following points we will know many of the elements that help immunity to strengthen and strength to be in the line of defense of the body from the symptoms of the dangerous Corona virus, and these foods are:

Foods containing vitamin C.

Vitamin C is one of the important vitamins that maintain the integrity of the vital functions of mucous cells in the fungal barriers, as well as vitamin C has an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, which means on the production of antibodies to infection in the intestine and lungs, and vitamin C we can get Through kiwi, lemon, orange, strawberry, green leafy vegetables.

Foods that contain vitamin D.

Vitamin D is the main component of the immune system, as we can eat fish and eggs to obtain this vitamin, along with exposure to morning sunlight.

Foods that contain vitamin E.

Foods that contain vitamin E are considered immune-boosting foods, due to the production of antibodies to the body, especially in the event of a viral infection in the lung, and this vitamin can be obtained through olive oil and eating all kinds of nuts, provided that the healthy dose of this vitamin is daily 15 mg.

Foods containing zinc

Zinc is one of the important elements that helps immunity to defend the body from various diseases, this is to support the functions of lymphocytes and the innate immunity of the body, which means helping to stop the activity and reproduction of the Corona virus, so we can obtain zinc through turkey, calamari and anchovies.

Food containing iron

Iron is one of the nutrients that greatly strengthen the immune system, and it can be obtained through thyme, spinach, green pepper, cowpea and liver.

Foods that contain omega-3s

Omega-3 is one of the important elements that help eliminate inflammation and improve lung damage, and it can be obtained through salmon and mackerel.

Foods that contain dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is one of the most important elements that boost immunity as well, and scientists have emphasized the need to obtain about 30 grams of this fiber per day to eliminate viral infection, and these dietary fibers are found in whole grains, vegetables and fruits of all kinds.

This diet, which was recommended by scientists and nutritionists, is considered one of the most important diets that help strengthen and enhance immunity to face the threat of the Corona virus, so will you be among those who take these advice?

Most important causes of fear of Corona phobia is the tension and anxiety that prevails in the time of this epidemic.

Corona phobia

Due to the spread of the Corona virus or Covid 19, this led to the spread of anxiety, tension and fear due to the spread of the epidemic and the increase in the number of deaths in all countries of the world, this dominant fear, tension and anxiety eventually led to the spread of what is known as phobia or Corona phobia, which is a state of fear that controls people due to the spread The epidemic and the spread of the smell of near death everywhere, and this is normal in the time of the epidemic, but our role is to monitor all social, economic, health and other aspects about Corona phobia, and we will also learn many information about this phobia and what can happen in the near future in attempts to control it in a way. Grandpa, so let’s get to the comprehensive presentation on Coronavirus Phobia.

Causes of fear of corona phobia

Due to the rapid spread of the new Corona virus throughout the world, this led to a very violent reaction, due to international precautionary measures in this regard, as many countries of the world have increased measures that protect their citizens, especially due to the imposition of caution and the closure of restaurants, airports, all services, etc. Of the necessary matters, and this has led to an increase in fear and anxiety not only due to the spread of the virus and the death associated with this infection, but also due to the economic, social and political reasons resulting from the spread of the Corona virus in many countries of the world.

Therefore, the causes of fear can be monitored in the following points:

-Increasing precautionary measures from most countries of the world at the same time

The precautionary measures unprecedented in history were and are still one of the most important reasons that people feared Corona infection, as these precautionary measures took place in close time, and this did not happen in human history until the spread of infection in the year 2020 AD.

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For example, many measures have taken place that affected the social and economic aspects, as travel was banned from countries and each other, for example, but not limited to, the United States of America attended flights at home and abroad at the beginning of the crisis and the spread of the virus infection within the American territories, as well as By banning flights to and from the United States, especially for many European countries where the virus has spread.

In addition to countries such as India and Kuwait, they have banned travel to specific countries, strict procedures are enforced at various airports in both countries, and travelers are subject to quarantine for a period of two weeks so that foreigners or citizens must enter the country.

This is in addition to the countries that have banned the interior, closed many facilities and reduced the number of employees in government institutions, in addition to suspending studies in schools and universities, and preventing a curfew in many countries of the world, which led to the spread of a state of fear, anxiety and panic that spread among People suddenly and strongly, which increased fear and anxiety from Corona Virus phobia and fear of this spreading epidemic.

-A state of societal panic over the spread of Coronavirus infection

This is the second reason that you may have felt, dear reader, at the beginning of the crisis of the spread of Corona virus, which led to an increase in the percentage of fear and anxiety of viral infection, as it came to mind that the Corona virus is spreading with terrible speed, which affected the morale of people due to unprecedented reasons in all One of these reasons is forcing the authorities around the world to force their citizens to wear protective masks, in addition to the compulsory sterilization of various institutions, and the arrest of every suspected disease and confinement in hospitals by force, and this happened in countries that witnessed chaos at the beginning of this crisis.

Rather, the matter among citizens reached the fear of shaking hands or hugging what is known as social distancing, which was new to people in the beginning, which made people afraid of the slightest infection and the procedures that make them always confused and anxious about their lives.

Many countries of the world have witnessed a wave of bullying and racism from people who hold Chinese nationality at the beginning of the spread of the Corona virus in the world, given that China is the home and origin of the virus, and it is the main focus that led to the spread of the virus around the world, so every Chinese felt In any country in the world that he is accused of spreading the virus among people, even if he is not infected with the disease, or even he has been living in the foreign country for many years without visiting his family, so as soon as he is Chinese, he is a carrier of the infection, which has increased the harassment, violence and panic in people’s homes even Things calmed down with the spread of infection significantly all over the world and from all nationalities, which is one of the reasons for the spread of Corona phobia among people.

False news is the reason for the spread of Corona phobia

In the time of the epidemic, false news spread about the spread of the Corona epidemic and what it is doing, and the number of deaths, and this news turned out to be news and rumors that were denied by the World Health Organization and local and regional health organizations in all countries of the world, and this means that we are already at the height of the epidemic, but not by what some people think. Which helped to fear the Corona virus, it is the false news that frightened people that Corona is a 100% deadly virus, and this is at the beginning of the emergence of the Corona virus.

The truth here is that it is a very weak virus, which does not kill all cases, and the death rate to this day is not a frightening thing around the world, which means that we can face the Corona virus through many precautionary measures and strengthening immunity, but the word epidemic may have He fell heavily with the Corona virus, it is one of the viruses that can be easily eliminated, and the patient may not need to be admitted to the hospital, but his immunity may be his first line of defense.

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Among the false news that panicked people is that the virus is transmitted through touch and air, and this is not true at all, the Corona virus is infectiously contagious, but when mixing with the patient, and protective masks may have an important aspect by getting rid of infection and protection from it, so the air It does not transmit Coronavirus infection, but it is transmitted through mixing and exposure to droplets resulting from coughing and sneezing, so you should not mix with people in crowded places, and thus protect yourself with all that may cause infection.

At the beginning of the crisis, a person had to be aware of what are the problems that must be taken into account when facing him in the time of the epidemic, including personal health measures, and therefore these measures were not understood in many countries of the world, which frightened citizens in these countries until such measures were understood. Hygiene, hand flow, sterilization, cleaning, preservation and strengthening of immunity in the face of the virus.

Increasing long-term psychological effects during the Corona epidemic

What increased the phobia of Corona is what can be said about the increase in the percentage of long-term psychological effects during the time of Corona, and these psychological effects scientists in this field tried to know and finally explain the situation through many aspects about the increase in the psychological effects and what are the reasons that led to this situation .

Perhaps the following points will enable us to know what are the scientific explanations of psychologists about what led to Corona phobia and its dangerous consequences:

Psychological pressure has increased significantly since the spread of the Corona virus: There are many reports prepared by psychologists saying that the increase in psychological pressure increased at record levels at the beginning of the Corona crisis and its appearance on the horizon in the whole world, it has come to some citizens around the world to think about suicide until They are not exposed to psychological pressure and Corona phobia, which was and is still represented in the spreading news about it, rather, the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder increased in cases by a very large percentage, and fear of normal life became the most important thing than anything else.

The impact on mental health is affected in the long run: Other medical reports confirmed that nearly a quarter of the world’s population may suffer from long-term psychological effects similar to what happened in the first and second world wars, as many countries of the world suffer from psychological repression because of the embargo and for some reason. It happened during the time of the Corona epidemic, and different groups are affected by many psychological and physical effects as well.

Increase in suicide rates: If we talked in the first point about psychological stress and fear of normal life, other medical reports confirm an increase in suicide rates by 30% among the elderly over the age of sixty-five.

An increase in the percentage of psychological problems such as stress and anxiety, an increase in the percentage of sleep disorders and insomnia, which increased at unprecedented levels due to the spread of news and panic that increased Corona phobia, in addition to the previous aspects that we talked about. There are many mental illnesses that have begun to spread, such as obsessive-compulsive disease, as one of the reports of the Psychotherapy Council in the United Kingdom says: “Generalized anxiety disorder is one of the psychological problems that may spread in the coming days. Many in our contemporary societies already suffer from anxiety, but the deadly Corona epidemic may exacerbate anxiety and fears in people who tend to feel anxious. Even after the epidemic subsides, some people will feel excessive anxiety for fear of the emergence of another strain of the virus.

The previous report adds to the genetic factors that increase the incidence of obsessive-compulsive disorder after the Corona pandemic: “People who have a genetic predisposition to developing types of obsessive-compulsive disorder (such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and obsession with cleaning) are more likely to develop the disorder or worsen its symptoms due to psychological pressures from Pandemic. Some of these people may develop chronic bacterial phobia if they do not receive adequate psychological treatment.

An increase in the percentage of financial distress has caused a Corona phobia

Here we reach a fundamental point in the Corona phobia crisis, due to the financial strains that occurred and are still present in most countries of the world that tried to compensate for closed facilities and support the losses that occurred due to the economic paralysis that occurred in the world, and thus this had a great impact on people and citizens, We are not about to monitor the global economy in the year 2020 AD in light of the Corona crisis, as much as the financial distress and financial distress that occurred to people and citizens increased the spread of Corona phobia, as numerous studies confirmed that Corona phobia caused a severe financial hardship for most citizens in the world, and this is what confirmed The reports of the American Studies Center, when the reports confirmed this expressive text: “The negative effects of disasters on mental health affect a greater number of people and last for many longer periods of time than their effects on physical health. Therefore, it is expected that we will witness an increase in psychological care needs that may continue for a long time after the epidemic subsides. ”

This means that this distress in the previous months continued to put pressure on people’s nerves in an important aspect of their lives, which is money, which is the nerve of their lives and aspects of their lives, and thus this was the cause of the spread of Corona phobia and its apparent result quickly on people themselves.

The financial distress due to the spread of the Corona pandemic also caused an increase in the unemployment rate in many parts of the world, which increased the catastrophe of Corona phobia in all countries where the virus had spread and affected economic life directly, and American studies confirmed that opinion polls confirmed half of the unemployed Or a little more, they suffer from psychological problems, and suicide rates have increased among them due to the nature of the Corona crisis, which does not know to what extent it can harm global economies, and has already led to the bankruptcy of many companies, especially in the field of aviation, tourism and related fields, and these sectors have also led to Dragging economic problems into other areas such as travel, entertainment, etc., and thus the problems have increased because these areas do not improve dealing with the unknown and with the near or far future.

The collective psychological trauma led to the psychological imbalance of humankind during the year 2020

There is what scientists call during the spread of the Corona virus epidemic a collective psychological trauma for humanity, as the world witnessed a global shock that the world has not witnessed for many decades, perhaps since World War II, and therefore this shock was not individual but rather on a global and collective level, but rather at a time. One, the world may have witnessed unparalleled actions in history collectively.

The right ways to increase a healthy, balanced weight.

The right ways to increase a healthy, balanced weight

What is obesity and what is thinness?

Thinness is a requirement of many people, and it may be a requirement for those who want it more than those who want to eliminate it, because thinness is the ideal thing that many people who suffer from obesity or who suffer from overweight seek not much. Appendages. Thinness is a problem that a thin person may face as a result of his health problems.

And obesity is the need sought by those who suffer from thinness and seek to gain excess weight in order to improve their external appearance or health in general.

The best solution remains to resort to healthy food to obtain weight gain, in a healthy way by following a balanced and balanced diet that contains multiple types of food items that will gain weight, in addition to exercising sports that give an effective result in that.

Thus, weight gain is healthy and not associated with diseases or health risks. As the increase in weight with sports is limited to the increase in muscle masses, not fat.

Some people may think that weight gain is through increasing the amount of food, but this is not correct, as it is much more difficult, especially when you want a logical and healthy increase in weight.

Causes of thinness

There are many different reasons for losing weight, as a person often eats food with fewer calories and the person himself may suffer from diseases that prevent weight gain.

There are people who have a stomach capable of burning fat quickly so that they eat large types of food and keep a slim figure without obesity, and these people wish to gain a few extra kilograms to make them more proportionate in the body as there can be a psychological factor which is nervousness, so people are often Those who suffer from thinness are very nervous people, as tension, nervousness and anger accompany them most of the time during the day.

Foods that lead to obesity


Potatoes are foods that contain carbohydrates and fiber that contribute to healthy weight gain.

Wholegrain bread

Eating bread in more than one meal contributes to weight gain, as it contains carbohydrates, especially white bread, where the grains are whole grains.

Tips for gaining weight

When eating, always go to food that contains high calories.

Take pills that give an effective result in the process of gaining weight.

Eat different types of fish and eat bread and pastries.

Sweets that have high calories.

FDA quick-advance Mesothelioma Vaccine development


The U.S. meals and drug administering has granted speedy-tune designation this week to ONCOS-, an immunotherapy vaccine that goals cancerous mesothelioma and other hard-to-treat tumors.

This appellation is expected to accelerate the regulatory approval technique. The vaccine’s developer, Targovax, a small biotech enterprise that makes a speciality of oncolytic viruses, sees this as an aboriginal endorsement from the FDA.

“sure, this opens the door for us,” Dr. Magnus Jaderberg, chief medical officer of Targovax, told The Mesothelioma center at Asbestosm. “It validates what the FDA believes is a potentially promising biologic for this sickness. That’s essential.”

The appellation stems partly from interim effects in November of the continuing phase II clinical trial that showed extended adaptation of patients receiving the vaccine in mixture with ordinary chemotherapy.

average average adaptation turned into . months, compared to . months for the manage community receiving handiest the chemotherapy.

ONCOS- demonstrated a broad allowed system activation with favorable tolerability and safeguard, in keeping with board. A trial observe-up could be introduced within the coming months with the median universal survival anticipated to rise inside the combination accomplice.

“It’s too early to claim I’m assured that this is the answer to mesothelioma,” Jaderberg stated. “but when essentially the most important regulator in the world the FDA is telling you they will give additional supplies to assist you during the authoritative process, that’s significant.”

In , the FDA authorized – for the primary time in sixteen years – a new systemic treatment for mesothelioma. The immunotherapy aggregate of Opdivo and Yervoy turned into accredited last might also after displaying an identical four-ages, improved average survival.

The quickly-song appellation involves more regular interactions with the FDA, access to extra FDA resources and a priority evaluate reputation that can abbreviate the authoritative technique greatly. it is used in the main for brand new medicine aimed at unmet scientific needs.

Mesothelioma, a rare cancer predominantly linked to asbestos publicity, has no time-honored treatment. the most constructive medication has been advancing surgical procedure, but below a rd of those diagnosed with the ailment are acceptable for the method.

ONCOS- had already got the FDA’s drop biologic designation, which permits medical doctors earlier utilization in alleviative rare diseases.

Targovax, in partnership with Merck & Co., will quickly be aperture a mesothelioma clinical trial accumulation ONCOS- with Keytruda, everyday generically as pembrolizumab.

each agencies believe a combination of both several types of immunotherapy could spark a superior synergy. The FDA in granted an approval of Keytruda, however simplest for a small percentage of mesothelioma patients cogent high degrees of a selected cellphone-surface protein.

Keytruda by myself has proven mind-blowing outcomes with mesothelioma, however simplest for a baby percentage of those sufferers, and its blockage vigor has been missing. Jaderberg believes that ONCOS- can boost a bump’s acuteness to Keytruda.

“We may come to be with a very effective immunotherapy aggregate,” Jaderberg talked about in . “standard of care for mesothelioma possible will alternate within the subsequent brace years. there is a great possibility ONCOS- may be part of that.”

ONCOS- is the enterprise’s lead product. it s a genetically adapted adenovirus and engineered to selectively affect melanoma cells while activating a patient’s immune equipment. it s additionally actuality tested for use with colorectal melanoma and melanoma.

The accessible mesothelioma balloon is anticipated to contain at least U.S. melanoma centers with more than sufferers participating.

it ll examine the aggregate of ONCOS-, Keytruda and chemotherapy to the use of just Keytruda and chemotherapy.

Mesothelioma its Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment


Do you want to know about mesothelioma, its symptoms, causes, and treatment? Great! In this guide, we will discuss mesothelioma in detail. So let’s start:

Mesothelioma is a cancer of the mesothelium, a membrane that encloses the body’s cavities’ inner parts, such as the chest or abdomen.  Mostly this disease begins in the chest cavity, but it can also be developed around the heart and abdominal cavity. When the mesothelioma affects lungs, it is known as Pleural Mesothelioma, while abdomen mesothelium is called Peritoneal Mesothelioma.

As cancer cells spread to other parts of the body, the malignant cells form mesothelioma attack and damage their nearby cell and expend to other parts of the body. A point comes where cancer affects your whole body, and it is the last stage of this chronic disease.

There are various causes, symptoms, and treatment. I have listed a few of them

·      Causes:

According to research, there are three leading causes of this disease: asbestos, radiation, and simian virus (SV). Please have a look at them.

v Asbestos:

Working with asbestos is the major risk factor that becomes the cause of mesothelioma. It’s a group of minerals with thin microscopic fibers. In the manufacturing processes, these thin fibers are released into the air, and they can be easily inhaled, which may lead to mesothelium.

v Radiation:

It is another major cause of being suffered from this disease. The radiation treatment for other types of cancers such as heart or any other increases the risk of this dangerous disease. Moreover, some patients suffered from mesothelium after the injection of thorium dioxide.

v Simian Virus 40:

Researches revealed that people infected form the simian virus are at higher risk of mesothelioma. According to the American Cancer Society, contaminated polio vaccines injected between the 1950s and 1060 contain this virus and affected more than 30 million people.

·      Symptoms:

Mostly mesothelium symptoms don’t appear. But the primary signs that have been noticed in mesothelioma patients are:

  • Swelling and pain in the abdomen
  • Blood clotting abnormalities
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Anemia
  • Chest pain.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Extreme tiredness
  • A high temperature (fever) and sweating, particularly at night.
  • A persistent cough.
  • Loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss.
  • clubbed (swollen) fingertips

·      Treatment:

Treatment of mesothelioma depends on its size, cell types, general health, and age as well. I have shared some of them.

v Surgery:

Surgery is the primary method to remove the part of the chest wall. The types of surgeries used in mesothelioma treatment are wide local excision, Pleurodesis, Extrapleural pneumonectomy, Pleurectomy, and decortications.

v Chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy is another popular method used to treat malignant cancer. In chemotherapy, drugs stop the mesothelioma cells’ growth by preventing them from dividing or killing them.

v Radiation therapy:

High power X-rays are used to kill the mesothelioma cells in radiation therapy.  Radiation can fall into two externally or internally. When external radiation therapy is applied, a machine is used outside the body to send waves. In internal, a radioactive substance is used, packed in needles, wires, or catheters.


So I have discussed mesothelioma disease. If you find any symptoms mentioned above in you, your friends, or family member. Take an appointment and consult with your doctor.

I hope this article will help you to update your knowledge.


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