A diet to strengthen the immune system against corona … 7 indispensable nutrients

A diet to strengthen the immune system against corona

Immunity has a major role in recovering from the Corona virus, so attention to strengthening immunity is one of the necessary things in order to recover from the Corona virus, which has made many questions about diets that strengthen immunity, in this article we shed light on a diet to strengthen The immune system against Corona, and this system consists of about 7 very important nutrients, and this is what we are talking about through the next few lines.

The importance of strengthening the immune system in the face of the Corona virus

Many scientists have confirmed that the coronavirus – including the Corona virus – enters the body through the respiratory system, and thus it multiplies rapidly in the body, especially in the cells of the small intestine, which makes the immune system in real danger in a very large percentage, which makes us need the elements. Various food that help to strengthen this organ to be in great confrontation with the virus inside the body.

Therefore, the presence of damaged and irritated intestines with aggressive microbes and viruses reduces the immune system, which means the need to supply the body with nutrients that strengthen immunity, and this is according to many different studies, which we learn about through the next few lines.

7 nutrients to strengthen immunity to counter the risk of infection with the Coronavirus

Many nutrients can strengthen immunity through it, and through the following points we will know many of the elements that help immunity to strengthen and strength to be in the line of defense of the body from the symptoms of the dangerous Corona virus, and these foods are:

Foods containing vitamin C.

Vitamin C is one of the important vitamins that maintain the integrity of the vital functions of mucous cells in the fungal barriers, as well as vitamin C has an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, which means on the production of antibodies to infection in the intestine and lungs, and vitamin C we can get Through kiwi, lemon, orange, strawberry, green leafy vegetables.

Foods that contain vitamin D.

Vitamin D is the main component of the immune system, as we can eat fish and eggs to obtain this vitamin, along with exposure to morning sunlight.

Foods that contain vitamin E.

Foods that contain vitamin E are considered immune-boosting foods, due to the production of antibodies to the body, especially in the event of a viral infection in the lung, and this vitamin can be obtained through olive oil and eating all kinds of nuts, provided that the healthy dose of this vitamin is daily 15 mg.

Foods containing zinc

Zinc is one of the important elements that helps immunity to defend the body from various diseases, this is to support the functions of lymphocytes and the innate immunity of the body, which means helping to stop the activity and reproduction of the Corona virus, so we can obtain zinc through turkey, calamari and anchovies.

Food containing iron

Iron is one of the nutrients that greatly strengthen the immune system, and it can be obtained through thyme, spinach, green pepper, cowpea and liver.

Foods that contain omega-3s

Omega-3 is one of the important elements that help eliminate inflammation and improve lung damage, and it can be obtained through salmon and mackerel.

Foods that contain dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is one of the most important elements that boost immunity as well, and scientists have emphasized the need to obtain about 30 grams of this fiber per day to eliminate viral infection, and these dietary fibers are found in whole grains, vegetables and fruits of all kinds.

This diet, which was recommended by scientists and nutritionists, is considered one of the most important diets that help strengthen and enhance immunity to face the threat of the Corona virus, so will you be among those who take these advice?

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